Candy 19

First Impressions

Candy 19 is a self-described Midwestern party girl and she emphasizes on her tour that she`s a natural girl with natural skin, natural tits and a natural ass. Clearly she wants you to know that her breasts are real and they look marvelous so there`s a good reason to enjoy what she`s bringing to the table. The pictures of her in lingerie and cute, youthful outfits are arousing and I love the fact that she seems to get naked in every set. She has a great smile too and I`m always a sucker for a perfect pair of pearly whites.

Hot Promises

As I mentioned Candy is quick to mention that she`s an all natural girl and it looks like her site is a haven for guys that like alabaster skin, blue eyes and big natural titties. She says that she`s an exhibitionist (like every babe that does a solo girl site) and then she proves it by showing off her big boobies and butt in a whole bunch of preview shots. As far as actual promises there aren`t many of substance on the tour: exclusive amateur videos, high resolution pictures and bonuses is all you get. Hopefully the content inside looks as good as the stuff on the tour.


I saw an unexpected surprise when I logged in to Candy 19. There was her hand wrapped around a dick in a preview picture for a video titled `Face Cumshot.` Candy plays with dicks` It turns out that she does play with dicks and in that video she gives a handjob with the guy`s cock just a few inches away from her face. She`s waiting for it to explode and eventually he blows, letting his load spill all over her nose and cheeks. What a wonderful introduction to the site!

You might not see that when you log in because Candy updates twice a week and the latest content is the first thing they list. They also have the top rated and most popular scenes along with a few advertisements, previews for upcoming additions and your favorites list. If you find a scene that you really like you can just whip it into the favorites list and come back to it whenever you`re feeling naughty.

Looking through the list of the top rated scenes it`s pretty clear that the folks that love balloon porn have made their way into the site. There are four videos where she plays with balloons so she must love them too. One of them is called `Fucks Yellow Balloon` and in it Candy actually sits on the inflated ball and lets the tip penetrate her pussy. It looks pretty damn hot and obviously you`re going to love it if you`re into balloon porn. If not you`ll certainly be able to enjoy looking at her tight and sexy body and those luscious natural tits.

There are 23 picture galleries and 17 videos at Candy 19 and she`s been good about updating twice a week so you can expect that to continue into the future. She`s a much dirtier girl than I was expecting based on what`s presented on the tour and that`s a wonderful surprise. In the picture sets you`ll see her posing strictly solo and she gets fully nude each time so she can model her knockers and her wet pussy and everything looks beautiful.

The breasts on this beauty are definitely the reason to check her site out. They`re big (probably D cups) and they`re natural and they sit absurdly high on her chest. I would count them among the sexiest breasts I`ve ever seen on a solo model. If you travel north of them you see a beautiful smile with plump lips, a great pair of eyes, a perfect little nose and lovely brown hair. The rest of her body is trim and slim with a great bubble butt that will bring about fantasies of spanking and groping I`m sure. What man wouldn`t want a handful of Candy`s ass`

Many of the galleries are suggestively titled. Examples include `Fuck My Teen Pussy,` `Want My Tits` and `I Want You.` The titles actually make the pictures a little bit naughtier because they plant a suggestion. If she wants you to fuck her teen pussy that`s exactly what you`re going to think about when you look at the pictures of her hot box. She spreads the lips and suddenly you want nothing more than to slip your dick in there. For the most part she poses in pretty typical outfits ` tank tops, t-shirts, bra and panty sets, etc.

The videos are even more interesting than the picture sets because this party girl really loves to entertain and her personality and desires come out stronger on film. In addition to the cumshot video you`ll find another where she gives a great handjob and lets the guy fuck her tits too. Most of the video is spent staring at her breasts as she strokes his dick and they`re all oiled up so they look extra hot. She gives a lap dance and it`s filmed POV style so it`s like you`re the one getting her to grind into your cock and it`s pretty fucking hot stuff. If you have a foot fetish then you`ll love the scene where she oils up her toes and soles and rubs them lustily.

In the scene called `Handjob Practice` she takes a big dildo and gives it a lusty handjob. She lubes the toy and her tits and they jiggle a little bit while she`s working the dick so sensually. She makes hot noises too. There`s a similar set where she sucks on that dildo, showing off her impressive blowjob skills. The aforementioned balloon porn takes up a significant chunk of the video and then there are the masturbation videos where Candy 19 pleasures her pussy with her fingers. I love seeing her laying naked on the bed with a digit rubbing her clit lustily.

There are 10 bonus sites that come free with the website and they are what make it worth joining. On its own this probably isn`t a big enough site to really keep you interested. Taken as part of a network filled with hot chicks that like to get naughty in front of the camera and you have a complete experience that`s worth the overpriced $34.95/month.

Croco’s Opinion

Candy 19 is far dirtier than she appears on the tour and that makes her site awesome. She brings great physical gifts to the table with her pretty face, her amazing eyes, her big natural tits, her bubble butt and her slim waist. She amazes you with all of that and then she gets wild and crazy by giving a handjob and taking a facial or riding a balloon with her pussy. She does foot fetish content, dresses as a schoolgirl, plays with dildos and more. Her site is a terrific sexual experience and there are 10 bonus destinations that come with it so it`s pretty hard not to love her.


Finding your way through the site is easy thanks to smart menus, good thumbnailed pictures and screenshots for each video.

Pricing Policy

It`s $34.95/month or $59.95 for 90 days.

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